From the Faculty Director

Research and education are two pillars on which Rutgers stands as a research university. They are the twin supports of the Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates, which was created in 2004 through a generous gift from Jerome and Lorraine Aresty to facilitate faculty and student relationships that promote undergraduate engagement in research.

Why pursue research? It's a great way to extend learning beyond the classroom and move from the consumption to the creation of knowledge -- to engage the rich intellectual life of Rutgers. From the lab and library to the studio and rehearsal hall, you will find a myriad of opportunities to cultivate your curiosity, creativity, and cognitive skills, and to build intellectual and personal relationships with peers and faculty mentors. Plus, you will develop written and oral communication skills that serve you well through your career and life.

Professor Chuck Keeton talks with Aresty student Alyssa Marie Go at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.If you’re interested in undergraduate research, Aresty is the place for you. We offer several structured programs to match students with research opportunities and to provide them with financial support. Through the mentoring led by Aresty Peer Instructors, we help students master basic research skills and learn about the process of scholarly inquiry. We also host the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium to celebrate everything that student researchers and their faculty mentors achieve. Please join us at the Livingston Student Center on the last Friday in April to take in the impressive scope of undergraduate research across the university.

More broadly, the Aresty Center serves as a center for inquiry and scholarly community. There is a lot on the horizon. We are introducing Faculty Research Conversations to help faculty learn about each other’s research in a relaxed and collegial setting. We have forged a link with the Byrne Seminars to show how research and education go hand-in-hand. We are partnering with academic departments and units to create new research opportunities. And much more. If you would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you.

To imagine, explore, and discover -- that is the heart of scholarship, and the purpose of the Aresty Center and its various programs. Every discovery begins with a question.  What’s yours?

Chuck Keeton