2013 Best Poster Awards

Thanks to the efforts of Rutgers graduate students and staff, the Aresty Research Center evaluates the poster presentations at our annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. The top posters are chosen from three broad categories: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Humanities, and Social Sciences. After tallying up all of the scores, we’re excited to announce our three winners for 2013. Congratulations to these “Best Posters” from the 9th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium!


Srivathsan Babu Prabu's poster from the 9th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Srivathsan Babu Prabu (SOE ’13)
A Novel Method to Quantify Levels of Macrosteatosis in Histology Images of the Liver
Advisor: Professor Martin Yarmush, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Social Sciences

Gurpal Sran's poster from the 9th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Gurpal Sran (SAS ’15)
Compensation of National Bank Examiners in the Federal Reserve System
Advisor: Professor Eugene White, Department of Economics


Kim LeMoon's poster from the 9th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Kim LeMoon (SAS ’15)
Multicultural Motherhood: Seabrook Farms in the 1940s & 1950s
Advisor: Professor Mary Trigg, Department of Women’s & Gender Studies

Honorable Mention

Ricardo Azevedo
Role of HuD in Neocortical Projection Neuron Differentiation and Pediatric Brain Injury Response
Advisor: Professor Mladen-Roko Rasin

Jazzmin Bethel, Skylar Frederick, & Elana Winchester
Offers During Food Distribution at the Family Dinner Table
Advisor: Professor Jenny Mandelbaum

Mohan Govindraj
The Role of miR-34a and miR-143 in Regulating Inflammation via Targeting of IKKβ in the NF-κB Signaling Network
Advisor: Professor Andrew Gow                                                           

Mary Grove
Mental Illness Stigma, Where Art Thou?
Advisor: Professor Gretchen Chapman

Rohit Gupte
The Investigation of Pinched Flow Particle Crossover (PFPC) Technology as a means to Conduct Particle Trafficking in a Continuous Microfluidic Immunoassay
Advisor: Professor Jeffrey Zahn

Symonne Kennedy
Is the Quality of Parent-child Reading Interactions Related to Young Children’s Emergent Reading Skills?
Advisor: Professor Stephanie Curenton

Benjamin Keepers
Distinguishing cut marks, tooth marks, and trample marks on bone using three-dimensional methods
Advisor: Professor Robert Scott

Benjamin Kreider
Effects of Bortezomib on Regulators of Cell Viability and Proliferation in TRAF3-/- Mouse B Lymphoma and Human Multiple Myeloma
Advisor: Professor Ping Xie

Jose Lamarque
Mori Ogai's Henrik Ibsen
Advisor: Professor Matthew Buckley

Aaron Levin
DHIQ Mechanism
Advisor: Professor Spencer Knapp

Kaitlin Morey
Genetic Diversity Study of New Jersey Isolates of Anisogramma anomala
Advisor: Professor Thomas Molnar

Kenya O’Neill
Fluidity of Sexuality
Advisor: Professor Ben Sifuentes-Jauregui

Kaye Ramirez
The Effect of Nonverbal Communication and Feedback on Performance, Motivation, and Perception
Advisor: Professor John Aiello

Laurent Reyes
Do Relationships with Neighbors Improve the Psychological Well-being of Adults?
Advisor: Professor Emily Greenfield

Henry Stoll
Sketching without Borders: Enescu's Violin Sonata No. 3 and the Development of his Late Compositional Idiom
Advisor: Professor Floyd Grave