2015 Best Poster Winners Announced

Thanks to the efforts of Rutgers graduate students, staff, and corporate judges, the Aresty Research Center evaluates the poster presentations at our annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. This year the top posters were chosen from four broad categories: Humanities, Social Sciences, Digital, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). We have awarded three prizes in STEM this year due to the high quality and excellent work of the students. After tallying up all of the scores, we’re excited to announce our winners for 2015. Congratulations to these Best Posters and Honorable Mentions from the 11th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium!


Mihaela Sanderson
Walking Through Italian Literature and Film
Advisor: Professor Andrea Baldi, Department of Italian

Social Sciences

Briana Riley
History of Newark and its Lasting Impact Upon the Urban Landscape
Advisor: Kathleen John-Adler, Department of Landscape Architecture


Elena Ghanaim
A Chemical Genetic Approach to Study the Function of AURKB in Oocyte Meiosis
Advisor: Professor Karen Schindler, Department of Genetics

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Daniel Hollerbach
Genetic Characterization of bamA's Involvement in the Anaerobic Pathway for the Degradation of Natural Aromatics
Advisor: Professors Abigail Porter and Lily Young, Department of Environmental Science

Miriam Lisci
Analysis of DDT Toxicity on Alzheimer's β-amyloid Overexpression in Drosophila
Advisor: Professor Mary Konsolaki, Department of Genetics

Lazaro Pacheco and Jamie Wooding
Characterization of Graphene-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites
Advisor: Professor Jennifer Lynch, Department of Material Science and Engineering

Honorable Mention: Humanities

Aya Sakar
Perspectives on Diversity and Multiculturalism on Douglass Campus from the 1930s to the 1980s
Advisor: Professor Kayo Denda

Trey Shore
Rockin' Roots, Global Reach: Telling the Story of Jersey's Popular Music
Advisor: Professor Jonathan Sauceda

Camille Ungco and Rachel Landingin
Importing Emotional Labor: Call Centers, Caregivers, and Educators
Advisor: Professor Allan Isaac

Honorable Mention: Social Science

Joseph DeAngelis
The Effect of Prior Knowledge on Verbal Task Performance
Advisor: Professor Pernille Hemmer                                                     

Nicholas Martin
Acting Without Remembering to Act? How Elderly Asthmatics Adhere to their Inhaled Corticosteroid Medication
Advisor: Professor Howard Leventhal

Yubei Tang
A Method for Integrating Mobile Phone Alarms into Medication Routines Based on the Common-Sense Model
Advisor: Professor Pernille Hemmer

Prama Verma and Nicholas Hansen
Hillary Rodham Clinton: Dare to Compete
Advisor: Professor Ruth Mandel

Honorable Mention: Digital

Emma Fleisher and Yasonia Yankannah
Optimization of Braided Ligament Scaffold Mechanics
Advisor: Professor Joseph Freeman

Ashni Mehta
Music and Mathematics Using Polynomiography
Advisor: Professor Bahman Kalantari

Ian Wardell
Digital Dracula
Advisor: Professor Stephen Reinert

Honorable Mention: STEM

Vandana Apte
Drosophila Stromalin Protein Plays a Role in Meiosis-specific Cohesion
Advisor: Professor Kim McKim

Ainesh Bakshi
Human Robot Interaction: End Effector Safety and Machine Vision
Advisor: Professor Kostas Bekris

Katelyn Dagnall
Quantum Catalysis to Develop New Energy Technologies
Advisor: Professor Fuat Celik

Caroline Davis
Purification and Characterization of the Human LPIN2-encoded Phosphatidate Phosphatase
Advisor: Professor George Carman

Charles Foster
Experimental Analysis and Discrete Element Modeling for Understanding Solids Mixing
Advisor: Professor Marianthi Ierapetritou

Katherine Fullerton
Determination of the Presence of the Anaerobic Benzoyl-CoA Degradation Pathway in Animal Samples
Advisor: Professor Lily Young

Sakshi Ghandi
Copper Metabolism in Staphylococcus Aureus
Advisor: Professor Jeff Boyd

Michael Klaser
Lithospheric Inventory: An Exploration of Quebec, Canada with P-to-S Receiver Functions
Advisor: Professor Vadim Levin

Connor LaMontagne
Delivery of Genetic Molecules to Biofilms via Outer-Membrane Vesticles
Advisor: Professor Paul Meers

Fayrouz Merhom
Cancer Prevention Studies in Dietary Phytochemicals
Advisor: Professor Ah-Ng Tony Kong

Alex Perotti and Tara Nietzold
Cryogenic Thin Film Transport Characterization
Advisor: Professor Mona Zebarjadi

Brandon Smith
Raspberry Ketone Effects on Feeding and Neural Activation
Advisor: Professor Nicholas Bello

Meera Trivedi
Understanding the Role of Cypin in Protein Degradation
Advisor: Professor Bonnie Firestein

Gayathri Tummala and Megha Patel
Effects of GABA Inhibition on Odor Intensity Perception
Advisor: Professor John McGann