Another Successful Summer of Research

Aresty Summer Science student Alexander Shu presents his research to Vice Chancellor for Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui.

The 13th annual Aresty Summer Science Program culminated with a poster session, held Friday, August 4th in the Busch Student Center MPR. Sixty-three first-year students shared their findings after the ten-week program.

The Summer Science Program is an intensive, full-time, on-campus research experience for Rutgers-New Brunswick rising sophomores only. Students are matched with faculty mentors from a diverse array of scientific disciplines. Participants learn about the process of research by working with their mentors in the laboratory and by participating in workshops, seminars, and social events. Students attended various professional development seminars including a graduate school / medical school panel and fellowship information session with Dr. Art Casciato, director of Rutgers Office of Distinguished Fellowships.

Some of this year's projects included "Development of an Efficient Humanoid Robot using Machine Learning", "Microplastics in Bed Sediments of the Raritan River", and "Examining Elevation and Climate Change in the Yenisei River Basin." Many students will continue to work with the same faculty mentor for the duration of their time at Rutgers. The relationships formed with faculty and the other participants are a key component of the program. Learn more about the Summer Science Program.