Isaac Song
Isaac Song, a senior in the SAS Honors program, has been involved with the Aresty Center since his first-year at Rutgers. In 2012, he participated in the Summer Science Program, where he researched with Dr. Monica Driscoll in the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry department. His research investigated the role of the apoptotis protein CED-3 in neuronal regeneration in C. elegans. Isaac explains, “It's an interesting area of research because you wouldn't expect proteins implicated in apoptosis (cell death) to play a role in neuronal regeneration and regrowth. In the long term, this research will further the... Continued
students in the lab
Undergraduate students at Rutgers are increasingly eager for opportunities in research. The Aresty Research Center has established substantial growth in the Summer Science Program and Research Assistant Programs. For 2014, we have 61 students participating in our Summer Science Program and 351 students in the academic-year Research Assistant Program. The Aresty Center continues to grow, introducing new ways to integrate research into undergraduate education. We want to thank our participating faculty for helping make 2014-2015 the biggest year in the history of the Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates. With more than 240 research opportunities across 70 departments, institutes, and... Continued
student with poster
The Aresty Summer Science Program, which just two years ago had 28 students, has grown dramatically, and this year it included 61 students participating in research across campuses at Rutgers. The poster session, held Friday, August 8th in Busch Campus Center, was the culmination of 11 weeks of full-time research for these students. The Summer Science Program is an intensive, full-time, on-campus research experience for Rutgers-New Brunswick rising sophomores only. Students are matched with faculty mentors from a diverse array of scientific disciplines. Participants learn about the process of research by working with their mentors in the laboratory and by participating in library workshops... Continued
Best Poster winner Nicoletta Romano
Thanks to the efforts of Rutgers graduate students, staff, and corporate judges, the Aresty Research Center evaluates the poster presentations at our annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. This year the top posters were chosen from three broad categories: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Humanities, and Social Sciences. This year we also created an award for Best Digital Poster. After tallying up all of the scores, we’re excited to announce our four winners for 2014. Congratulations to these “Best Posters” from the 10th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium! STEM... Continued
student presents poster at Symposium
The 10th Annual Aresty Undergraduate Research Symposium took place at Livingston Student Center on Friday, April 25th. More than 500 rising scholars from more than 70 departments, institutes, and centers across our campuses, participated, making it the largest in the University’s history. The Undergraduate Research Symposium is the most visible example here at Rutgers of the growing community of undergraduate scholars engaged in all aspects of inquiry. Our undergraduates work alongside faculty mentors on projects that range in discipline from English to Engineering, in scale from the nuclei of cells to the nuclei of galaxies, and in scope from the behavior of genes to the behavior of... Continued