RURJ 2020-2021 Student Evaluations

Please see below for evaluations from students who participated in RURJ during the 2019-2020 academic year!

“The RURJ experience cannot be fulfilled by any other organization at Rutgers. I've learned the necessary techniques to write, read, and review scientific papers properly, a vital skill that I will integrate into my professional life moving forward. Working alongside other Rutgers students also exposed me to the diversity in the undergraduate research world.” -Tommy Newton

“The RURJ Program opened my eyes to many of the different factors that go into the reviewing and publishing process, knowledge that has shaped not only how I approach peer review but also how I think about inquiry in science and the humanities. I would recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a research career!” -Miranda Barnes

“This program improved my confidence with both writing and critically reading research papers, and fostered my overall appreciation of undergraduate research at Rutgers. We learned the key aspects of good scientific writing and the steps of the peer review process, and we got to put this into practice on a variety of interesting and impressive research papers.” -Siqi Ma

“The RURJ program provides a unique perspective to research in any field. It is a great reminder of the value and importance of academic literature and the impact it has on the research community. The program not only taught me a set of skills, unlike any other class I've taken during my undergrad, that will propel me in my future aspirations, but it also provided me with an appreciation for the literature review process.” -Carina Feeney

“The Aresty RURJ Reviewer Program is a great opportunity for those who are interested in being involved in the publication of research papers. I have learned a lot from this program in terms of how to become a better reviewer and how to work in a team. Not only did I learn a lot, but I also made friends from this program as well!” -Elif Ozsen

“RURJ was a great way to explore the peer review process, read about the research that my peers are engaged in, and interact with the other wonderful students from a variety of majors in the program! I was definitely new to the inner workings of a research journal, but I learned a lot and am incredibly impressed by the well-organized, professional program and course that [the RURJ team] have developed.” -Charis Shin

“The RURJ reviewer program is uniquely designed to build skills in argument analysis, experimental design, logic, and research ethics, and puts these principles into practice. With the guidance of [my peer instructors], I learned to analyze research with a critical lens and offer effective feedback to student authors. [...] I'm grateful to have worked with such kind, constructive mentors and partners. I never felt alone in this journey, and have both [my instructors] and fellow reviewers to thank.” -Justine Soltys

“Reviewing for RURJ is a great experience. Getting experience in the peer review process is very rare for undergraduates, and RURJ serves as an exceptional outlet for undergraduates to get involved in a real publication process.” -Nithish Selvaraj