Opportunities to Collaborate


The Aresty Research Center operates as a gathering site where faculty, students, and staff from across the university collaborate to develop new initiatives for integrating research and education. We are interested in hearing about the research our faculty are doing; these initiatives are one way of supporting that conversation.


Working with your department to create research opportunities

  • By helping departments increase undergraduate enrollment in research, while assisting with the associated learning goals and costs, the Aresty Research Center is expanding the way it supports undergraduate research at Rutgers through unique, tailored partnerships with departments across campus.

Discussing partnership on grant proposals

  • There are many ways in which the Aresty Center might help faculty seek external funding for undergraduate research: Sculpting projects that are feasible and meaningful for undergraduates, developing broader impact plans that include undergraduate research, or fostering collaborations that lead to new research initiatives.

Connecting you with other faculty across campus

  • The Center hosts monthly meetings for faculty to talk about research in an informal setting. Some groups focus on particular disciplines, while others are interdisciplinary. Our goal is simply to bring people together and facilitate conversations that help you learn about the wonderful array of research activities across Rutgers in a format that is both comfortable and insightful.

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