Center for Community

The Aresty Research Center brings together a carefully selected group of students with outstanding Rutgers faculty, all of whom make up the Aresty Community. Meet them here:

  • Master Peer Instructors function in unique leadership roles as mentors for our Peer Instructors and Research Assistants and assist the Aresty Center staff with various administrative tasks and, as Aresty student representatives, relevant presentations across the university.
  • Peer Instructors mentor and coach our Research Assistants and work closely with the Aresty Master Peer Instructors and Aresty staff in supporting the RA learning experiences through formal, structured, and mediated peer group sessions.
  • Research Assistants work in a variety of research settings across campus and across disciplines. In addition to research work, RAs spend ample time working with their Peer Advisors in developing their research and presentations skills.
  • Participating Faculty make the Aresty Research Center possible. Faculty post their research opportunities in our Undergraduate Research System, work with undergraduate researchers in a variety of settings, and contribute to the success of undergraduate research in countless other ways.
  • The Faculty Review Board is a carefully selected, interdisciplinary group of faculty who, each semester, help us fairly and accurately assess the student applications for our Small Grants Program.
  • Former Aresty Participants go on to explore many fascinating opportunities after their time at Rutgers. Aresty students find that research at Rutgers opens doors around the world - from graduate school to fellowships to jobs in various fields - see where Aresty can take you.