Ela Joshi

Professor Milton Heumann
Aresty Research Assistant 2009 – 2010
General Research Assistant 2010 – Present

My sophomore year, I, along with Sam Weiner and Kelly Chapman, was selected to be one of the Aresty Research Assistants to Professor Milton Heumann, Department of Political Science and Rutgers’ Pre-law Advising. I was selected to be the head of the undergraduate research team, as we conducted database analysis, scrutinized statues and gathered information about the nature of government and corporate whistleblowing. I had applied my freshman year to find out how research in the liberal arts was conducted, specifically with a focus on the practical applications of political science, legislature and philosophy. However, I never expected to learn just how much I did as an Aresty RA. Aside from learning an immense amount of information about the topic of whistleblowing, researching on a diverse team of professionals and peers taught me transferrable skills such as how to work independently, how to draw conclusions and create hypotheses, and how to assess information objective. These proficiencies, coupled with my research experience, has helped me get two excellent internships, one at a recruiting firm, and one at Pearson Education, working with databases, data analysis and research. Since sophomore year, I have continued my role a research assistant for Professor Heumann, along with my fellow RA’s. We are proud to have helped out on the publication of The Whistleblowing Team’s paper, collected data from a statewide poll. We are currently in the process of setting up a psychological experiment as a Phase II project. Professor Heumann is one of my closest advisers at Rutgers and it was through Aresty and the SAS Honors Program that I had the privilege of working with such an amazing personality. I am certain that my Aresty experience will help me in my law-school endeavors, particularly in teamwork, gathering and evaluating information, and critical thinking.