Jennifer Van Saders

Professor Charles Keeton
Aresty Summer Science Program 2006

When I originally applied to the Aresty program, I did so thinking that a summer of research would be a good experience, but without a fundamental appreciation of the way in which it would help to shape the course of my career and open doors for me in the world of  scientific research. Through Aresty I began working with Chuck Keeton, who then mentored me throughout my undergraduate career, and helped me along the path to becoming a scientist myself. I learned massive amounts of information that summer, both about my research topic and the nature of research itself, and was encouraged to think about both through the support structure that the program provided.  I was encouraged to practice explaining my research to others outside my field, and learned how to design a poster presentation, both of which are somewhat unexpected parts of  the necessary skill set for a scientific career. Most importantly, the Aresty program allowed me to get involved in research early, and to discover that I loved it with enough time to truly make the most of that discovery over the course of my college career.