McNair and Aresty Summer Programs Job Opportunity

The McNair/Aresty Hall Director position is a twelve-week, live-in position with the primary responsibility of overseeing a residence hall of approximately 65-75 undergraduate upperclass students. The responsibility of the Hall Director is to ensure that the residence hall environment is conducive to the academic enhancement, intellectual growth and social development of program participants. The Hall Director will serve as a resource for students who are working on undergraduate research. The Hall Director will satisfy this mission by providing support to continuing undergraduate students in the areas of research, and mentorship.

In addition, the Hall Director will provide supervision, training, guidance, support, and continuous coaching to four Master Peer Instructors. He/She will also serve as a graduate mentor to those enrolled in the McNair program. The position will require on-going assessment of the climate, issues, or concerns and respond appropriately to the professional staff coordinators in each program. Additionally, the Hall Director will assist with the logistics and equipment needs of academic seminars, formal and informal programs, and meals as required by both programs.

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  • Assist McNair & Aresty staff with supervision of student programs, events and major functions
  • Address, mediate, and resolve student issues and concerns
  • Hold regular evening office hours to mentor, and talk with program participants
  • Inform program participants of university offices, academic programs, regulations, policies and procedures
  • Conduct weekly programming for each program separately and combined residence hall programming
  • Ensure that programming records, including proposals, expenses, and assessments are maintained
  • Ensure that relevant McNair and Aresty staff is informed about concerns involving the building, students, and staff; submit reports pertaining to these concerns in a timely manner
  • Work with program staff to serve as primary crisis response person for the Residence Hall
  • Additional tasks as assigned


  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Must have access to a vehicle
  • Must have a flexible schedule to attend meetings and programs for both Aresty and McNair on multiple campuses
  • Must have residence life employment experience in higher education (supervisory experience preferred)
  • Must have undergraduate research experience and/or participation in similar programs
  • Must have strong leadership, communication, programming, and organizational skills
  • Must be able to able to commit to full-time employment for the duration of the Summer Institute
  • Must live in the assigned residence hall
  • Must be willing to undergo a background check
  • Outside commitments should not impact attendance at meetings and events
  • Familiarity with University SABO office and process


  • 5-10 hours of day time meetings that include staff programming and administrative planning 
  • Daily Evening Duty, beginning at 7:00 pm and on-call  


  • $6000 Salary
  • $250 Knight Express Card towards meals for training weeks in May and in June (June 22-27, 2014)
  • Apartment for the duration of  training and the Summer Institute


  • May 27-31, 2014 McNair Graduate School Tour
  • June 1, 2014 McNair Move-In Day
  • June 4, 2014 Upward Bound Banquet
  • June 7, 2014 Upward Bound Student/Parent Orientation with McNair scholars
  • June 28-29, 2013 Upward Bound Move-In Weekend
  • July 21-22, 2014 McNair Symposium Preparation
  • July 23, 2014 McNair Symposium
  • July 23, 2014 McNair Move-Out Day


  • May 24-25, 2014 Aresty Move-In Day
  • May 27, 2014 Orientation for Summer Science
  • August 7, 2014 Aresty Summer Science Symposium
  • August 7-11, 2014 Aresty Move-out Days