Fall 2019: Call for Faculty Reviewers

The funding Aresty provides serves a dual purpose of promoting undergraduate research endeavors, and providing an invaluable learning-by-doing opportunity for students who carry them out. In the past three years the Center has administered between 100 and 190 awards annually, with an average amount of $800 per student.

The skill of writing a research proposal are many and complex, and the only way to develop them is to write proposals and to have them reviewed. Reviewers feedback is in my mind just as valuable as the actual funds the students may get.

As the Aresty Center accepts a new batch of applications for research funding this Fall, I hope we could call upon you once again to serve as our reviewer pool. At the end of this message a link will take you to a short survey that will help Aresty staff allocate reviewer tasks.

Please fill the link below and if you can think of additional colleagues who may want to participate - please share it with them!