Aresty Rutgers Undergraduate Research Journal First Issue-Live Now

Aresty Journal Annoucemnt

The Aresty Research Center is pleased to announce the 1st issue of the Aresty Rutgers Undergraduate Research Journal is now live. Our journal and peer review program are a labor of love that required both creative energy and dedication from our undergraduate founders, the Aresty Team, and our highly respected partners from the Undergraduate Education division and Rutgers Library. 

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About the Journal

The Aresty Rutgers Undergraduate Research Journal, in affiliation with the Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates, is an undergraduate-run, interdisciplinary journal designed to showcase the cutting-edge undergraduate research conducted at Rutgers University. Our mission is to provide undergraduate researchers the opportunity to publish their own work and experience the peer review process. In our review process, researchers implement multiple rounds of revisions based on peer reviews from undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. An extension of our mission is to offer a unique educational program for students to learn about and gain hands-on experience with peer review. 

SPRING 2020 Editorial Team

Frederric Kelada (Founder) 
Prachi Srivastava (Founder) 

Undergraduate Student Reviewers
Samuel Weinglass
Shashank Pereddigari
Leda Wang
Vivian Mayr
Shaheer Rizwan
Akshat Modi
Tanvi Banota
Sourabh Prakash
Divya Dubey
Gaurav Pathak
Byung Kim
Ahmed Husam
Kelly Yen
Bennie Wu
Mahmoud Abdelkarim
Xiaoyu Sun

Graduate Student Reviewers
Kirsten Allen
Alvin Crespo
Boris Sheludko
Jaeyong Jung
Erin Pfarr
Jennifer Jiang
Victor Drouin-Touchette
Yuxuan Wu
Joseph Lubin
Zachary Fritz

Faculty Reviewers
Lauren McConnell
Gabriel Villegas
Christy Beal
Benjamin Samuels
Max Tischfield
Chaz Ruggieri

Chief Copy Editor
Neha Saju

Copy Editors
Samuel Weinglass
Vivian Mayr
Andres Faulkenberry
Leda Wang
Naomi Gray
Caitlyn Horton

Aresty Research Center Director
Tamiah N. Brevard-Rodriguez, Director of the Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates

Faculty Editorial Advisors
Vadim Levin, Ph.D., Faculty Director of the Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates
Lily Todorinova, Undergraduate Experience Librarian

Peer Review Curriculum Advisor 

Stacey Blackwell, Senior Director of the Learning Centers