Apply to Present

The Symposium is open to any student at Rutgers conducting scholarly research, but priority is given to students affiliated with Aresty Center programs. All students currently in the 2018-2019 RA program or who have received funding through the Aresty Center this academic year are required to present. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we cannot accept late registrations. To register, students must submit an abstract by March 1.

Step 1. Decide on your presentation format

Read the following options carefully to make sure you choose the right format for presenting your work. When you submit an abstract, you will state which format you prefer:

  • Posters: Students may present a traditional, 3x4 foot poster. This option is open to any student. The Aresty Center has a number of poster templates you can download.
  • Presentation stations (humanities only): Also at the Symposium, students in the humanities may choose to present at a presentation station instead of a poster. Stations will be tables, where students can display research materials (like artifacts or manuscripts) and use a laptop or tablet to share materials and work. Students must have 4-6 slides to present their work. The slides should cover:
    • What is the central research problem or question you have been exploring?
    • What is the new approach or intervention that the project is making in the field?
    • What was your approach to the research? What methods or materials did you work with and how?
    • What did you find? Consider sharing examples or brief case studies that capture what you have discovered.
    • What were your conclusions and what are potential areas for future research?
    • Read the full guidelines for humanities presentations here.
  • Oral presentation (senior theses and funding recipients only): Aresty hosts a separate event, called the Research Colloquium, intended for advanced students who present 15-20 minute papers or oral presentations. The Colloquium places students on panels with other undergraduate researchers for 60-minute conference-style sessions. This option is not open to students currently in the RA program.

Step 2. Register for the Abstract Writing and Poster Design Workshop

Attendance at this workshop is required for any students who have received funding through the Aresty Center but have not previously presented at the Symposium. **Current and past RAs and Summer Science students are not required to attend the workshops.**

Online registration has not opened yet. 

Step 3. Submit an Abstract

Any student planning to present must submit a presentation title and abstract to the Aresty Center by 11:59 PM on March 1. Students presenting as a group should submit a single abstract. 

Online registration has not opened yet.

Download our Poster Design materials

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