2019 Best Posters Winners

2019 Best Poster Winners Announced

Thanks to the efforts of our judges at the 15th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium the top research posters were chosen from three broad categories: Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). We have awarded two prizes in STEM this year due to the high quality and excellent work of the students. We’re excited to announce our winners for 2019. Congratulations to these Best Posters and Honorable Mentions from the 15th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium!


Nathan Bishop, Glynnis Gourhan, Bridget Knodel, Emily McGovern, Nicholas Wagner

Poster #: 155|WAM! Women in Art Music

Faculty Mentor: Rebecca Cypess, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Music Department


Ashim Aganja and Sabeen Khan

Poster #: 168|Examining the Use of Interactive Virtual Training for Teachers (IVT-T)

Faculty Mentor: Elisa Shernoff, School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology


Brian Chen

Poster #: 285|The Anti-fibrotic Effect of Lyophilized Amniotic Membranes on Fibrosis Formation

Faculty Mentor: Yong Mao, New Jersey Center for Biomaterials

Grace Herdelin

Poster #: 305|Crystal Convergence of the Twister Ribozyme          

Faculty Mentor: Darrin York, The Office of Advanced Computing Research.




Anessa Ahmed and Christian Whalen

Poster #: 235|How Do the French Choose Their Questions?

Faculty Mentor: Viviane Deprez, Department of French



Carolina Silva

Poster #: 312|Archiving Afro-Brazilian Activism: Assessing the Impact of Black Consciousness in Bahia, 1970s-80s and Now     

Faculty Mentor: Kim Butler, Africana Studies


Megan Fink, Seta Kelly, Taylor Martinez and Kathryn Slusarcyk

Poster #: 170|A Cross-Linguistic Investigation of Perspective-Taking Verbs

Faculty Mentor: Kristen Syrett, Linguistics


Georgia Garrow

Poster #: 181|The Role of The Orexin System in Opioid Withdrawal Induced Depression

Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Fragale, Brain Health Institute


Shreya Medepalli

Poster #: 287|A surgical approach for spinal cord regeneration based on a 3D printable degradable device       

Faculty Mentor: Antonio Merolli, New Jersey Center for Biomaterials


Rohit Aita

Poster #: 302|The Role of the Vitamin D Receptor as a Potential Immune Regulator in Colon Faculty Mentor: Michael Verzi, Genetics


Gauri Misra

Poster #: 307|Adolescence, Alcohol, and Behavior Genetics           

Faculty Mentor: Lei Yu, Genetics


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