Conference Funding Application Instructions

For all of the following application materials, make sure to be clear, concise, complete, and compelling. All materials will be uploaded with your application.

Project Overview (approximately 3 – 4 pages in length, double-spaced)

This should include the following sections, written in a way that a non-expert would understand:

  • What is the general problem, theme, or issue your project addresses?
  • What are the specific questions or objectives that your project tries to answer? (Include references cited appropriately in scientific, APA, MLA, or Chicago format.)
  • What methods, procedures, theories, or thought processes did you use to address your research topic and answer the questions you pose?
  • What are the broader (social, cultural, intellectual, practical, theoretical) implications of your research?
  • Describe why attending and presenting at this conference is important to your education here at Rutgers.


Please provide a copy of the abstract you submitted to the conference.

Personal Statement (no more than 500 words)

Briefly describe the personal interests that led you to undertake the research, and discuss what value you see in presenting your work at this conference.

Budget Request

A detailed, realistic, itemized list of expenses you expect to incur. Include any other funds you are applying for or have already received. 

Official Conference Acceptance to Present

Please upload an official acceptance letter or email confirmation from the conference.

Advisor Endorsement

Once you submit your application, your faculty advisor will automatically be asked to upload a letter on your behalf, and also verify your budget. A letter from your advisor should address the following:

  • How has the student demonstrated intellectual leadership with this project?
  • Was the project independent or collaborative? If collaborative, what was the student's role?
  • How would presenting at the conference contribute to the student's intellectual development?
  • What is your or your department’s contribution to the resources required for this conference?

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