For Students

The Aresty Research Center is dedicated to provide and support research opportunities for students at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Each year we support 300+ interested in research by matching them with faculty mentors, providing funding for tools, travel, conferences, and more. 

We have three major programs in Aresty: 1) the Research Assistant program, which runs every academic year for students in all disciplines in their sophomore, junior, and some, in their senior year. Students in the RA programs receive 3 degree credits towards graduation. 2) the Summer Science is for rising sophomores, and is a 10 week long program where students work in laboratories with faculty and sometimes a group of their peers. Students are provided housing and a $3000 stipend. And last but not least 3) the G.R.E.A.T Project, a new initiative to support international research in Costa Rica. This program requires 18 months of commitment, and is open to first-year, sophomore, junior students only.

Please look through here for FAQ's and resources for getting involved.